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78 year old male, Paralized for 11 years (bed bound), could/did not speak for 10 years (blinked and barelly nodded `` yes/no``). RESULTS: 3 months after starting treatment, he can walk and you can not shut him up even if you tried.


51 year old male, Could not walk due to excrutianting pain and loss of control of his legs, wheelchair bound with 2 personal assistants 24/7. Spent over $200,000 in vain on conventional medical doctors (allopaths) and treatments the past 16 years trying to find a solution to his condition.  Medical Doctors suggested neurosurgery as they guessed his condition may be due to a brain tumor. RESULTS:  30 DAYS after starting treatment, he walked out from tour facility all by himself and got into the back seat of his car without help from anyone.


49 year old male with a heavy case of Parkinson`s, uncontrollable shaking of hands, limbs, and face, extreme difficulty walking, heavy stuttering, swollen face and body parts. Medical doctors put him on heavy dosage of (p)Harmaceuticals, feels terrible, hating life. RESULTS: 4 weeks after commencement of HIT therapy, all shaking is gone and walking with ease, off all (p)Harmaceuticals (drug free) and stuttering is gone, feels great and loves life


84 year old female, in severe pain in legs and back for  25 years, dependance of full time caretaker and on heavy (p)Harmaceuticals (pain control), wheelchair bound, spent a fortune on numerous medical doctors without significant improvement for 25 years. RESULTS: 12 weeks after  commencement of HIT therapy, all pain is gone, walking and even showering on her own, off all (p)Harmaceuticals (drug free).


69 year old female wi diagnosed with Lupus by medical doctors, extreme immune system deficciency and feeling sick constantly, dryness of mouth and eyes, on heavy prescription (p)Harmaceuticals. RESULTS: 4 months after commencement of HIT therapy there are no signs of Lupus, mouth and eyes properly lubricated, off all (p)Harmaceuticals (drug free).


My brain exploded/bursted in 2012 and clinically killed me. While physically dead I felt the strongest orgasm I ever felt while I was (with God) everywhere simultaneously experiencing all that was, is, and will be, my life is a chronic deja vu now. Knowing ¨everything¨ is a bitch but wickedly cool. I know now that there is no death, death as society knows it is only the cessation of physical limitation (don`t fear death). When I ``woke up (came back to my body)``, I could not move the entire left side of my body (my right-brain damage was as big as a chicken breast, scary), I could not walk, I could not talk, I could not think due to the severe brain damage and the excruciating pain I felt everywhere. I was put on a ``drug coctail from hell`` by the big shot Bolivian & Swedish medical surgeons, neuro university professors (Karolinska in Stockholm), and expert neurologists (Daily Mega`doses of Citodon, Morphine, Percocett-10, Vicodin-500, Oxycontin-60, Tegretol, Lamictal, Sertralin, Zoloft, Omeprazol, and a few other dangerous (p)Harmaceuticals). They issued written medical certificates stating that I had suffered permanent damage and was not going to recover from and that I could remain a ``vegetable`` for life (``Current condition to remain for all forseable future``). RESULTS: 7 months afterafter starting treatment, thanks to what we do and teach at the institute, I am walking without a cane, donated my wheelchair to the poor, stopped taking all dangerous (p)Harmaceuticals (cold turkey) that had me like a zombie, got rid of all my excrutiating pain, talking like a parrot (as I used to) and my epilepsy is gone.  Even though my IQ test results  dropped from 169 IQ (pre stroke results) down to 154 IQ (post stroke results) and my left hand still don`t want to open (but it can grip a  little), I can think even clearer than before​ the fxxxing stroke, so mentally, I`m more than just BACK, I`M GREAT, so I founded the institute to help others do the same whatever they may suffer of. Traditional/conventional ``medicine (The Medical Industrial Complex) can never achieve what we can achieve so... THEY HATE OUR GUTS​. 

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