Milk… Does a Body Bad?


FACT: 60% of the American Cattle has Leukemia (cancer) FACT: 80% of the American cattle has paratuberculosis, therefore, the chances of you ingesting Leukemia and Paratuberculosis in your Milk or Burger is about 100%? FACT: Protein inhibits the body from absorbing calcium? FACT: Kacin (Milk's protein) is the same "Glue" you use to glue furniture together. Milk does a body good? Absolutely not, it is lethal! Yet another lie from mass media designed to kill you (Yes, kill you) and give you Cancer (which is SO profitable). I understand, I agree, I lile milk too., the cereal, the oreo cookies, the creamy sauces, all that stuff, sure it tastes good and it is in our culture, but, WHY? (Cancer Delivery Method 101?)